Princess Cakes – How to Make a Gumpaste Tiara

If you’re planning a princess party for your daughter and want an idea for a cake that doesn’t involve the usual Disney princess characters, then consider a cake featuring a beautiful princess tiara.

The best place to start is by creating a paper template for your tiara. I naturally fold a piece of paper in half and draw one side of the tiara using a simple scalloped edge on the top and a straight edge on the bottom. Then cut out the template and open it up to get the full tiara with two nicely symmetrical sides.

Pearl Flatware

The next step is to roll out your gumpaste. I buy a premade white gumpaste and roll it out using a very small estimate of powdered sugar so that it won’t stick to your surface. Roll it until it’s about 1/8 of an inch thick. Then place the template on the gumpaste and use a sharp knife to cut it out.

Princess Cakes – How to Make a Gumpaste Tiara

The next step is to make some designs and cut outs in the tiara. I use small fondant or cookie cutters with shapes like diamonds, hearts, flowers or butterflies. This gives the tiara a lacy look.

Now you need to drape the tiara over a large bottle covered in wax paper so that it can dry. This will mold the tiara into the right shape. Give it about 48-72 hours for it to nothing else but dehydrate well. Then you can slip it off the bottle and it’s now ready to decorate.

Use some silver pearl dust mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and paint the tiara to give it a beautiful silver sheen. While the paint is still tacky you can also sprinkle on some edible silver glitter to give it that extra special sparkle. Then quit the tiara off with some tiny pink gumpaste flowers or perhaps even some jewels made from sugar.

Get creative and have a ball manufacture this fun princess tiara for your petite girl’s birthday cake!

Princess Cakes – How to Make a Gumpaste Tiara


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